Signs Of Inspiration Are Everywhere

Found inspiration

Look around you creatives, inspiration is everywhere! From the vibrant seasonal colors of spring and fall, to the varied greens of summer or countless earthy desert hues. Nature delivers and not just color, but sounds of the wind, water, birds and all kinds of man made things. Decades of architecture ascend, trees and mountains rise, sunrises and sunsets blaze the sky, as do the bluest blues and clouds of every shape.

In these day to day things we can find the inspiration for poems, songs and stories. We can find paintings for every kind from realism and the most abstract of compositions, and we can find the makings of any three dimensional subject we choose. Be open, open minded, open ended, open of body and soul, of audible, visual, in motion and feel. Don’t just search - see. Don’t just look - discover. Don’t say how - say what if. Art is already there in front of you, waiting for you to characterize it in the medium of your choice, with your voice, your heart and mind.

Look up, look down, look all around, it may just be within your grasp right now!

Live an artful life,



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