Photo of Tom and Linda NeelFounded by artists and past gallery owners Tom and Linda Neel, Live An Artful Life® is the digital source for inspiration, education, motivation, and wellness content for artists, artisans and art enthusiasts!

You love creativity. Maybe you draw, paint, sculpt, or weave? You may be a dancer, or acting is your creative outlet? Possibly photography or film, or maybe you’re a musician, or an art teacher? Is it a love of color or design, a love of handmade things? Perhaps it’s creative wellness that’s brought you to us? Whatever your creative motivation is, we hope to inspire you with a broad spectrum of inspirational stories and articles, which even includes creative psychology and life coaching.

Most important though, whether you’re an artist or you’re someone who is simply enthusiastic about the arts, you are seen as one and the same within our pages. As far as we are concerned, you live an artful life. A lifestyle of self expression.

If you’ve found us in search of your own creative spirit, make yourself at home as we intend to help you find it. You are welcome to share your thoughts and stories with us any time!

Most of all, since we live artful lives ourselves, we want your time with us to be fun. Life should be fun. Live An Artful Life® is the digital source for your artful life!

Live artfully,

Tom and Linda Neel

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