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Tom Neel

So, Is Your Art a Hobby or a Living?

Intersection of crosswalks

A hobby or a living? Is this the place where lines get crossed? Something that begins with fun, passively generates a little income, then results in a carefree career?

Is There Greatness Among Us?

Andy Warhol

Those of us who think in terms of fine art may only think of greatness in the masters of bygone days. Those who make up the history of art and possibly much of the art which inspired us to become artists ourselves. We possibly may think of greatness in a teacher we are planning on taking a workshop from or alike.

How Important Is Art Today?

Artful face

If Americans were to be given a life survey, maybe one much like a political pole, or one with a number of life questions rated 1 to 100, where do you think the importance of art or the arts would land on the list? Would they choose it over anything that had to do with food, shelter or any facet of survival?

Handmade and A World of Manufactured Goods

Hand making pottery

In a world filled to the brim with goods manufactured on an assembly line, it’s nice to know there are people like us making things by hand. As time goes on though, I even think almost all of the things still done by hand on an assembly line will year by year become more and more automated.

An Art Legacy

Last Will and Testament

What do you think will happen to your art when you’re gone? Have you given it any thought? Now mind you, I am both speaking of art you have purchased and/or own, as well as art you yourself may have created. It’s something I think few of us prepare for. 

Sometimes You're The Tick, Sometimes You're The Dog

cartoon tick

An old friend of mine once told me, sometimes you’re the tick, sometimes you’re the dog.  A wealthy person, you couldn’t imagine him ever being the tick, but it’s how life in business goes. 

Have You Tried Singing?

Girl singing and playing guitar

Sometimes we miss the way we should be creatively expressing ourselves. We rack our brains, painting when we should be sculpting, acting when we should be directing, playing an instrument when we should be singing!

Having Birds in The Bush - is worth two in the hand!

Two birds in hand

The old saying goes; a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. It’s a simple statement of actual possession, versus more nearby. It is a bit flawed though, especially when it comes to friends.

What's Your Wheelhouse?

Wheelhouse photo - navigating your art career

As a working artist, are you all over the place or are you a specialist?  Will you attempt anything in a jack of all trades approach, or do you have a wheelhouse?


Be inspired!

This week’s blog post is about inspiration. As artists and artful life seekers, we need inspiration.

Creative Hot Spot

Your creative hot spot is your launch pad

The place that feeds your soul.

This week I’m going to talk about something pretty important to creative types. 

Dreams Are The Parallel You

Dreams are the parallel you

I know we all have hopes and dreams. Sometimes these hopes and dreams can be thought of as a parallel you, there, walking beside you after having made your hopes and dreams a reality.

The Deterioration of Art

Deteriorated closed sign

This is not the kind of thing I like to make as a headline, but the world of art is going through challenging times. I think artists everywhere are seeing the shuttering of art galleries.

Reaching For The Sky

Reaching for the sky

When we begin our creativity there are those overwhelming factors that can bring the house down before the foundation is even built.

Your Artful Life Taking Root

Watch your artful life grow!

You feel it? It’s your imagination in action. It’s inspiration stimulating the inner creative you, and ideas taking root.

Doodling is for the Brain

What is the best way to doodle?

When I meet creative wannabes, who tell me they have wanted to draw or paint, or even get back to it, but they’re having a hard time, I tell them all the same thing, doddle. There I am, at an art event or even a social evening and someone is either knowing or finding out I’m an artist, the conversation takes a familiar turn.  In front of me becomes someone who admits they’re craving to be artistic, but no clue how to begin.

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