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Creativity is Good for a Lot More Than Making Art

hands solving rubik's cube

Creativity is such a useful part of our human make up. I’m convinced that other species use creativity to live and survive. But what truly makes us as humans different is that we take creativity to the point of making art, which at the root of the matter, is just another form of communication.

A week of Cool!

Vespa Sei Giorni, photo by Vespa

Who doesn’t like cool? Not me, I love cool. Cool is especially artful and I’m artful, so I like cool. There’s of course, all kinds of cool, like a big occasion cool, or even a nostalgia type cool. This week brought me both of those cools and a few more!

How Weather Affects Creativity

Landscape of sun and trees

The world is obsessed with weather. It is deeply rooted in us and for good reason - survival. Clearly, times in the past, when our world and food supply was less connected, bad weather could mean starvation. Crops could be wiped out or conditions leading to brutal winters, floods, and damaging winds, could be the end of us. To some degree, this is still true today, but far less so.

Live An Artful Life - The Book!

Cover of the book

I have successfully authored my second or actually third book. My first book “Paintings with Poetry” when completed, presented itself as more of a booklet than a real book. But it was a beginning and I wrote every word. It was though “The Land Beneath My Feet” which celebrated 25 of my now over 30 years as an artist, that really first like my first book, because I had to tell my story. Still, the majority of its pages were dedicated to photos of my paintings. This meant I was not overwhelmed with textual volume.

Clean Up, Clean Out!

a cluttered desk

Life is funny, sometimes you move about, sometimes you get nailed down. We purchased our home in 1993, just over 25 years ago. I never thought I would follow in my grandmother’s footsteps by being in one place for so long, but it’s happened. Twenty five years has slipped away in one place.

Transformation Station

Photo of train illustration

Do you have a plan for 2019? You know, a forward-thinking plan that capitalizes on the good things which may have happened in 2018, or a plan which recognizes a need to do something different to achieve your goals and make 2019 success? What is your success story anyway?

Hnappian or Nafzen, either way, it means nap!

cat sleeping

I mentioned in an earlier blog post about our cat Revlon being diagnosed with diabetes. The net result of her prescribed medication is improved health and altered sleep patterns for Linda and me. Insulin injections 12 hours apart, basically 7 am and 7 pm and middle of the night feedings mean the rooster’s call is less welcome.

It's a New Year!

Happy New Year

We wish you creativity, inspiration, wellness and happiness in 2019!



Topics For Discussion

For Questions contact me.

As we set ourselves up for a new year, I was thinking it would be a good idea for me to offer this blog as a place for me to answer any questions you might have. Be it art or the arts, the business of art, inspiration or whatever.

Live An Artful Life, The Book

Book cover

With each week we go a little farther with the competition of my book Live An Artful Life. This week has been mostly about the cover design. A not so easy a task, I’ll tell ya that! They say a picture is worth a thousand words and in that light, a book cover is worth every word you’ve written.

Merry Christmas

Christmas packages

I’ve been thinking about those two words. Merry Christmas. Cheerful festivity. Jesus Christ’s Birthday. Meeting of family and friends. A celebration. There’s also the gift-giving part, which these days seems way more important to us than the birth of Christ.

When Life Brings You Change, You Should Consider Accepting It

A landscape photo

I’m not sure how you accept change, but I think we all have to encounter it from time to time. Sometimes it’s a small change or series of changes, and other times change can be life-altering. It’s the life-altering kind that can get a hold of your brain and twist it into knots because we as humans are pretty good with settling in. Getting comfortable is at least a little of what we do and who we are.

Tough Week on The Kitty Front

our kitty, Revlon

Linda and I have had our share of pets over the years, (dogs, cats, and horses), but we are down to our last kitty.  Her sister left us about a year ago and it seems her genetics have paved the way. The point being, there’s been a lot on our plate with respect to our pets health and it most certainly takes its toll on all facets of life.

Business Before Pleasure

a graphic about planning

As artists, we love to create and we derive a lot of pleasure from doing so. For many, this is all we care about, which is fine. But if your desire or intent is to make money from your art, even as a part-time thing, but certainly as a living, then it should be business before pleasure.

Why My Youthful Passion For Cars is So Relevant Today

Tom Neel kneeling by a Porsche

When I was young I loved cars. I loved reading about them. I loved hearing their engines and seeing their designs. I loved watching them race on programs like ABC’s Wide World of Sports and I loved going to races with my father.

Pulled In All Directions and All of Them Are Good!

Lots of arrows in different directions

2018 has been a milestone year for me as an artist. I’ve now been successfully selling my paintings for over 30 years. Three decades is a long time to do anything, but creatively it’s a long time to soldier on through changing economies, political unrest, and an ever-changing art business.

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